Southbridge Little League
January 24, 2021
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An open letter to AAA division parents

In response to questions and concerns raised by several parents and coaches, the Southbridge Little League Board of Directors would like to explain its decisions regarding uniform disbursement in the AAA division for the 2008 season.

For the last few years, every player on every team in every division throughout the league has been supplied with brand new uniforms on annual basis.

The players have been allowed to keep their hats, jerseys and pants each of these seasons. Obviously, outfitting the entire league with brand new uniforms is a significant cost – which has been factored into the player registration prices over these last few years.

While the player registration fees have increased during this time, the league is proud to note that we have one of the lowest average player fee schedules of the 19 Little League programs in District 5 and are one of an extremely small number of leagues throughout the state that allow their players to retain their uniforms annually.

Over the winter, as the Board of Directors put together its plans for the 2008 season, it was decided by a majority vote to utilize a number of jerseys that have been sitting in storage that had either never been used or, in some cases, had been used for one season and returned or otherwise collected at season’s end.

Based on the number of the jerseys and their sizes, the Board of Directors chose to use them for the AAA division for this season only. This action was intended to save the league the money it would have otherwise cost to outfit the more than 60 children in that division while using these uniform tops.

Had the uniforms been larger or smaller, they would have been used for the appropriate division. After a number of concerns and complaints had been fielded by board members, a meeting was held to discuss the issue.

Those who had expressed concern were invited to the meeting and coaches were encouraged to let any additional parents unhappy with the measure to attend.

A small handful attended and stated they wanted an explanation made to all parents regarding the board’s decision and suggested a letter such as this would be the most appropriate action.

The board’s vote was taken solely for the 2008 season, however, the Board of Directors has discussed the possibility of returning to the policy of collecting all uniforms at season’s end as early as next year.

This decision, however, will be one made by the 2009 Board of Directors – a body that will be elected at the Annual Meeting of the Members on Wednesday, September 17. All parents, umpires and coaches are able to cast their votes at the Annual Meeting of the Members.